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New Arrivals

Mooer Effects: Cruncher Distortion, Hustle Drive, Blade, Black Secret, Ultra Drive, Ensemble King, Green Mile, Ana Echo

Iron Ether: Oxide Fuzz, Xerograph Deluxe, Polytope Pitch Detuner

Casper Electronics: Drone Lab V2.1

Chunk Systems : Octavius Squeezer, Agent 00Funk Mark II, Brown Dog Gated Bass Fuzz

Chamber of Sounds : Jupiter III, Jupiter III + Clock Bundle

Devi Ever FX:  Noise Floor Bit, Noise Floor Bit Bright, Noise Floor Bit Nofi, Karaoke Party, Electric Brown, GZ, GZ Bright, GZ Nofi, LP, Punch LoveTorns Peaker

EMMA Effects: Emma Pisdiyauwot Metal Distortion Pedal

Feisty Little One: Rebel Scum, Red Tauntaun Fuzz

Synthmonger: Fuzzmonger MK1Micro FuzzmongerPulsemonger MK1

Tortuga Effects: Werewolf Over-StortionMai Tai Phaser

Snazzy FX: Tracer City, Mini Ark, Wow and Flutter

T-Pedals: Super Hoffman Hand Wired Point-To-Point Germanium and Silicon Switchable Fuzz

TWA (Totally Wycked Audio): TWA Triskelon

WMD Devices: Acoustic Trauma, Arcane Preamp, Geiger Counter, Geiger Counter Civilian Issue

Zebranalogic: Oscillator III, Oscillator IV, Circular Oscillator VII, Cyclops Optically Controlled Delay, Fuzz Germanium, Fuzz Silicon

IK Multimedia: IRig IPhone/IPod/IPad Guitar InterfaceIK Multimedia iRig Mic iPhone iPod iPad Microphone

Eurorack Modules:

4ms Pedals: Noise Swash Eurorack, Atoner Eurorack

Malekko Heavy Industries: Wiard Oscillator Eurorack ModuleWiard Anti-Oscillator Eurorack ModuleWiard Borg 1 Filter Module, Wiard Noisering Module, Wiard Envelator ADSR Eurorack ModuleWiard 8nu8r Attenuator Utility ModuleWiard Output Utility Eurorack Module, Dual VCA

WMD Devices: WMD Devices Gamma Wave Source Eurorack, Geiger Counter Eurorack

Blacet FracRack:

IO Module IO2225 Assembled

Geargasstore Custom Shop

We hand-make our own custom versions of great sounding pedals. We create our own as well as assemble some of the best kits in the world. All are hand assembled with love in Lowell, Massachusetts USA.

Fuzz: Colorsound One Knob Fuzz Replica

Overdrive: Ego Driver Overdrive (compare to OCD) This is now sold and gone, sorry! We won't be making more.

Distortion: Red Llama Replica


We now carry DBZ Guitars, check them out! Excellent build quality, and top notch components with a great price. I was so happy to see authentic floyd rose tremolos on all versions of the Bird of Prey.

DBZ Guitars: Bolero Calavera, DBZ Bird Of Prey GX (Radioactive)


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