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WMD Devices Arcane Preamp Distortion Pedal

WMD Devices

WMD Devices Arcane Preamp Distortion Pedal


The Arcane Preamp is a two channel pedal. The first channel is a low gain boost that brings out the soul of your single coil pickups and can add a little dirt like a good low gain tube amp. The right-side footswitch activates the Fuzz-Channel indicated by the Fuzz channel's LED being blue. The Fuzz channel has tons of gain and an amp style EQ for taming its tone.
The Boost Channel drives the Fuzz Channel, so the gain of the Boost Channel affects the gain of the Fuzz Channel. The gain of the Fuzz Channel is very high so even low Boost gains can yield very fuzzy tones in the Fuzz Channel.
  • Bass Mid and Level and gain controls
  • Standard 9V Power Jack
  • 100% True Bypass

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