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Take Flight Pedals Goose Fuzz Pedal

Take Flight Pedals Goose Fuzz Pedal


The Goose Fuzz puts “usable” and “crazy” in one sweet little box.

The Goose is more than just a great-sounding fuzz pedal that can go from a slight edge to full squarewave buzziness. It has an octave feature, six different fuzz voices and can be set to self-oscillation. You have to hear it...

All handmade, and 100% true bypass. 

Goose Fuzz Controls:

  • Volume: Controls the loudness of the fuzz sound. Around noon is unity gain.
  • Blend/Mix: Controls the ratio of dry to wet. In other words, mix in your clean signal with the fuzz sound. Great for bass players.
  • Crossover/X-O: Introduce crossover distortion to the signal. Just try it.
  • Oct: Introduce an “octave-up” to the signal. Much like the famous “octavia” sound.
  • Feed: It’s short for “feedback”. Send the pedal into oscillation! very interactive with everything, the other settings, your pickups, the knobs on your guitar, the weather, etc.
  • Mood/Color: A 6-way rotary switch. Changes the platform of your sound. From mild fuzz to nasty.

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