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T-Pedals Super Hoffman Fuzz Pedal


T-Pedals Super Hoffman Fuzz Pedal


Like all the T-pedals, the Super Hoffman is point-to-point made but uses "in air" components mounting instead of board.
This kind of assembly is very old style, typical of early 50's electronics, it's extremely heavy duty and easy to repair/modify.

The Super Hoffman is a booster with 6 selectable peak frequencies (from deep bass to mid to extreme treble boost)

It has 2 selectable transistors (GE is a 60's Siemens germanium transistor for a clean, sweet sound, SI is a modern silicon transistor that sounds more aggressive and amplifies/distorts 4 times more than the GE one).

The +/- switch enables more/less gain and Q sharpness.
The best placement for this pedal is near the guitar, working directly on the pick-up signal.

The power supply is battery only because it sounds better.

Construction is Point-to-point, 100% hand made in Italy
Switchcraft jacks Made in USA
"Full Size" Alpha Potentiometers
Noiseless True Bypass switching
Power supply with 9V battery
Eddystone metal enclosure, painted orange 
High-brightness LED indicator 

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