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Synthmonger Micro Fuzzmonger Fuzz Pedal


Synthmonger Micro Fuzzmonger Fuzz Pedal


Voltage Controlled Wave Folding Fuzz Pedal
The micro Fuzzmonger (Fμzzmonger) is a synthesizer wave folding circuit converted for guitar level signals. The first of its kind, the voltage controlled fuzz section will allow any player to expressively control the amount of fuzz via the expression pedal or CV input jack.
  • INPUT - Guitar, modular synth
  • OUTPUT - The goes to your mixer or amplifier
  • FUZZ CV - Stereo expression pedal input or mono cv input for Fuzz control. Voltage range is 4V to 9V. Standard modular synth voltages won't hurt but may eliminate the sound going below 4V.
  • 9-VDC INPUT - Center negative 9VDC power adapter input.
  • FUZZ - Bias control for the Fuzz circuit. Also controls the drive and tone control.
  • GAIN - Sets the maximum output level. When the Gain position is beyond 25% the diodes will turn on and being to smooth out the signal. Take care beyond 30% as the pedal will start to get LOUD!
Note, this product:
  • is NOT battery powered!
  • HAS true-bypass!
  • requires MUCH experimentation
  • is a FUZZ BEAST

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