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Seppuku FX Pitch Monster Pedal

Seppuku FX Pitch Monster Pedal


The Pitch Monster crushes your instrument into a lo-fidelity, 8-bit signal with pitch shifting and ring-mod effects. The monstrous 8-bit signal is layered on top of a vintage transistor fuzz. The blend knob gives you complete control of the mix of both effects. (The Pitch Monster has the same circuitry as the Digital Pitch Modulator with a few updates for better sound quality and smoother operation).

  • Toggle switches - control the pitch, each switch interacts with the others. Different combinations create different pitches up to 2 octaves higher or lower.
  • Blend - Mixes the 8-bit sounds and fuzz effects together.
  • Freq - Controls an internal oscillator to change the modulation pitch.

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