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Seppuku FX Mind Warp Vibrato Chorus Pedal

Seppuku FX Mind Warp Vibrato Chorus Pedal


The Mind Warp is an extremely variable vibrato/chorus effect. But unlike most other chorus effects the Mind Warp  has a very natural and warm sound. With the LFO Speed turned back you can achieve very slow dreamy modulation all the way to over the top weirdness when turned up.  The depth knob allows you to control how far the pitch shifts.  It can be set to be very faint, or as weird and out of tune as you'll ever need, far beyond the range of conventional vibrato effects. The warp knob allows you mix your clean signal with the modulated signal to create chorus effects.  The LED allows you to visualize when the effect is on and will flash to the LFO speed.

• Depth
• LFO Speed: Low Frequency Oscillator Speed
• Warp

  • True Bypass
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • boutique quality components
  • powered by a 9V center negative pedal adapter
  • Earth friendly, no batteries supported 

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