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Seppuku Effects Repeater Percussion Effect Pedal

Seppuku Effects Repeater Percussion Effect Pedal


This pedal is based on the repeat percussion effect that was built into the Vox Teardrop guitars and organs of the 60's. (Used by Spacemen 3 to create their hypnotic drones). The difference from the original circuit is the 'pulse width' function.  This allows the user to control the intensity of the effect. The first half of the controls range effects the depth of the tremolo effect, turning the knob further will shorten the length of the tremolo 'pulse'.

Sounds amazing when combined with other fuzz or other modulation effects. 

  • pulse speed : controls the length of the pulse
  • pulse width : changes intensity
  • true bypass
  • boutique quality components
  • hand made in Australia

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