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Robot Pedal Factory White Russian Fuzz Pedal

Robot Pedal Factory White Russian Fuzz Pedal


A Big Muff Pi inspired fuzz/distortion/boost with Clean Blend and more controls than time zones in the former 
Soviet Union.

  • Pre-Gain - Sets the drive out of the input buffer
  • Post-Gain - Sets the gain of the first clipping stage
  • Clip - Engage or disable first stage hard clipping
  • Starve - Set drive saturation character and headroom
  • Feed - Engage and adjust feed for internal oscillation
  • Bass - HP filter for bass cut (disabled in tone bypass)
  • Treble - LP filter for high cut (disabled in tone bypass)
  • Tone - Mid-notch or full range or bypass tone stage
  • Muff Vol - Separate muff output volume with increased maximum output
  • Clean Vol - Full active clean volume / blend boost available and bass approved

  • Hand wired
  • True bypass
  • 9v adapter or 9v battery supported(not included)

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