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Robot Pedal Factory Pulse Synth

Robot Pedal Factory

Robot Pedal Factory Pulse Synth


A Mid-Fi Synth effect producing a variable width square wave under the control of an LFO being swept by an envelope filter - suitable for guitar or bass.

Yes, it's new! We found an unopened inventory box!


Control Description:

PULSE - Controls how wide the "on" cycle of the output wave is with or without modulation.

SENSE - Sets the "OFF" value with modulation. Contribute to "PW" with no modulation.

SPEED - LFO pulse width modulation. Start slow for better enveloped LFO speed sweeps.

DEPTH - Controls how far the modulation will sweep the wave shape. CCWisewill not sweep.

SHIFT - Adjusts how much the signal Amplitude will affect LFO speed. CCW to disengage.

TONE - LP filter. Counter Clock Wise to cut high frequencies. (hashy upper orders, etc.....)

VOLUME - Master volume. Large available gain, start low!!!

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