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Molten Voltage MIDI 2 with Digitech Whammy Bundle

Molten Voltage

Molten Voltage MIDI 2 with Digitech Whammy Bundle


We at have put together a great combination which will take your whammy jamming to the next level! 
This bundle combines a brand new Digitech Whammy Reissue pedal with MIDI control as well as a Molten Voltage Molten MIDI 2 control pedal that allows you to sequence whammy pitch shifts.

The bundle in total includes:
  • Molten Voltage MIDI 2
  • One foot midi cable
  • Compatible USB MIDI Device (PC and Mac) - This allows you to connect your midi cable to your computer so you can program your own sequences via the software.
  • 9 volt DC Power Supply, 2.1mm, Tip Positive for the Molten Voltage MIDI 2
  • A brand new Digitech Whammy Reissue with MIDI control and an included power supply
Everything you need to start playing is included

Have you ever wondered what your Whammy hears when it dreams?

Molten MIDI 2™ by Molten Voltage is a Programmable MIDI Stompbox that offers five new ways to control the Digitech Whammy 4™.

Molten MIDI 2 lets you hear notes that aren't normally available on the Whammy. Sequence those notes into elegant harmonies and improbable riffs.

Molten MIDI 2 also doubles as a synchronized or stand-alone MIDI Clock source for all your MIDI devices.

Molten MIDI 2 stores 15 programs at a time, that are created manually or using our computer-based Programming Utility.

The Programmer lets you trade files and share favorite loops and settings!

Check out what you can do with these videos:

Programs are selected using the footswitches and are indicated using the Whammy's own LEDs. The Whammy works normally when Molten MIDI 2 isn't sending data.

Programs can be up to 16 steps each, and come in 5 different flavors:

Loop Portamento programs cycle through sequences of virtual expression pedal positions. "Portamento" means you hear the Whammy "slide" from one step to the next, rather than "jump", as if the expression pedal is moving.

Loop, No Portamento programs are just like the Portamento version, except Whammy doesn't "slide" from one position to another, it "jumps".

Step Portamento programs step through sequences of virtual expression pedal positions each time the Step button is pressed. As the Whammy changes to a new "virtual" position, you hear it "slide" up or down to the new position.

Step, No Portamento programs are just like the Portamento version, except Whammy doesn't "slide" from one position to another each time Step is pressed, it "jumps".

Different Settings programs step through selected Whammy settings each time the Step button is pressed. The virtual position of the expression pedal is not affected.

MIDI Sync!
When configured in Whammy & Clock mode, Molten MIDI 2 sends synchronized MIDI Clock data whenever a Loop is playing. You can use the MIDI Clock output to control sequencers, drum machines, and other MIDI-based effects like the BOSS Slicer [SL-20].

What's more, Molten MIDI 2 sends parallel Program Change and Song Select data to keep all your MIDI devices on the same page.

Even if you don't own a Whammy, in Clock Only mode, Molten MIDI 2 works as a tap tempo MIDI Clock generator.

Daisy chain your Whammy to the MIDI Thru on any other MIDI device that passes unchanged information appearing at its MIDI IN jack from Molten MIDI 2.

Digitech Whammy Pedal
The Digitech Whammy was first introduced in 1991 and was received with rave reviews. Every feature of the original WH-1 has been included in the new Whammy; From the rotary preset selection knob, to the Ferrari red color; from the mechanical momentary switch, to the exact same interval selections. the new pedal may look the old pedal with its Ferrari red casing, but this reissue packs a lot more punch. Added to the original effects is a new Dive Bomb function, similar to a Floyd Rose whammy bar slammed all the way to the body of the guitar. Another addition on the new Whammy is a MIDI-in jack. This allows remote control of the pedal via MIDI devices.

Notable musicians who have used the Digitech Whammy Pedal include:
Tom Morello- Rage Against the Machine
Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead
Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine
Dimebag Darrel of Pantera
Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Steve Vai
Eddie Van Halen
David Gilmour
The Edge of U2
Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead
Nels Cline
John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Vernon Reid of Living Colour

Power supply included.

We are an authorized Digitech dealer.

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