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Geargasstore Custom Shop Ego Driver Overdrive Pedal

Geargasstore Custom Shop Ego Driver Overdrive Pedal


New and hand assembled in our shop, ready to rock! Very nice metallic purple powder coat finish with purple LED.

The Egodrive is a booster/overdrive-type distortion box, which provides a soundscape ranging from mild clean boosting all the way to a really gritty, almost fuzz-type distortion.

The controls are simple and straightforward: Three knobs are Volume, Tone, and Drive, and one switch to select between LP (Low Peak) and HP (High Peak) modes. The Volume- and Drive- controls affect the signal in a familiar way controlling the output volume level and the amount of distortion, respectively. The Tone control on the other hand affects only the high frequency content, leaving the bass signals pretty much unaffected when the high range is tuned. Thus you don't lose the bottom end when dialing in more high end. 

The LP mode is designed to affect the original sound as little as possible, which especially in a clean boost is very desirable. The HP mode on the other hand has a more pronounced high end with a sharper frequency response and boosted volume.

There is one feature on this pedal, which distinguishes it from most other overdrives – the dynamics. The sound of the pedal follows the intensity of the playing and the volume level in a very profound way. Even with the Drive control turned up quite a bit, the sound can be kept almost clean by just picking very gently or rolling down the volume of your instrument a bit. By increasing the volume and/or increasing the intensity of your playing (i.e. really digging your pick into the strings) the sound swells up and increases to a growling, fullbodied distortion – the playing touch thus dictates the amount of distortion of the signal, without changing the output volume level too much. This pedal works and sounds pretty much like you would expect a good tube amplifier with tubes at the verge of cooking to sound.

Powered by either a 9 volt battery or a standard boss-style 9vdc power adapter(not included)

We hand build these in our shop. Purple metallic durable powder coat finish.

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