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Geargas Effects Filter Sample and Hold Pedal New

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Geargas Effects Filter Sample and Hold Pedal New


The is a clone of the Maestro Filter, Sample & Hold™ clone with a few modifications. It is really two effects in one: an envelope filter and a sample/hold. Most of you are probably already familiar with envelope filters (such as the Mutron III and the Q­Tron), but perhaps less so with sample and hold.

In electronics, a sample and hold (S/H, also "follow­and­hold") circuit is an analog device that samples
(captures, grabs) the voltage of a continuously varying analog signal and holds (locks, freezes) its value at a
constant level for a specified minimal period of time.

In the case of the FSH1, it uses a combination of an LFO, voltage supply, JFET sampler and buffers to rapidly sweep the
filter section of the LM13700. The result is a periodic sweep in fixed steps with a random filter range. To get a better sense of what this sounds like, check out some YouTube videos, or the samples at Moosapotamus:
This pedal borrows a couple of modifications from the Tonepad project (Attack and Decay controls for the envelope
filter) and adds a couple component tweaks and a little switching trick to disconnect the LFO when you are in Filter mode.
It’s a really unique effect and worthy of some attention for its weirdness, if nothing else!

This version is assembled and tested by hand in our shop which uses a famous and excellent board maker circuit board.

  • True bypass
  • 9v adapter power only (not included)
  • Controls for Attack, Decay, Resonance, Filter and Speed
We warranty our custom pedals for 5 years.

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