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Geargas Effects Ern's Octave Fuzz

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Geargas Effects Ern's Octave Fuzz


Ern's Octave Fuzz is a modified Foxx Tone MachineTM (a widely used and revered fuzz/octavestompbox). The effect is broken down into four distinct sections. The first stage comprises a “fuzz face” type gain stage with feedback, followed by the octave stage (generated by waveform clipping with germanium diodes). After the passive gain control there is another gain stage and passive tone control with added clipping and lastly a gain recovery stage.

All of these gain stages add up to a blistering fuzz/octave which will work well on both guitar and bass.

This pedal features NOS 2n3565 transistors

SUSTAIN: An attenuator to control the overall fuzz.
TONE: A Big Muff TM tone control derivative with added clipping via two additional back to back germanium diodes.
VOLUME: The output level.
OCTAVE: This allows you to switch off the octave portion of the circuit and use it as fuzz only.

This version is assembled and tested by hand in our shop using a pcb board famous most excellent pedal board maker.


  • True bypass
  • 9v adapter power only(not included)
  • Controls for Volume, Sustain, Tone, and an Octave enable switch.

We warranty our pedals for 5 years.

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