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Geargas Custom Shop Haarp Arpeggiator Pedal

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Geargas Custom Shop Haarp Arpeggiator Pedal


The HAARP is an FV-1 based digital polyphonic pitch arpeggiator.

Rate – Controls the speed of arpeggiation
Step – Sets the number of steps in the arpeggiation pattern
Mode – Sets the arpeggiation pattern
1: Major: -1 octave to root.
2: Major: root to +1 octave.
3: Major: -1 octave through +1
4: Major: Random pattern
5: Minor: -1 octave to root.
6: Minor: root to +1 octave.
7: Minor: -1 octave through +1
8: Minor: Random pattern
Wet – Adjusts the wet signal level
Dry – Adjusts the dry signal level
Direction (Toggle Switch) – Sets the arpeggation direction (Up, Alternating, Down)

This version is assembled and tested by hand in our shop from a pedalpcb haarp board.

  • True bypass
  • 9v adapter power only (not included)
  • Controls for Rate, Mode, Steps, Wet, Dry and a Direction toggle switch.
We warranty our pedals for 5 years.

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