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Geargas Custom Shop Bayonet Fuzz


A clone of a musket fuzz. This is a tweakable muff style fuzz pedal.


Pre-Gain - a front end clean boost to slam the fuzz circuit for all kinds of new weirdness. The FUZZ control interacts with it to not only control the amount of fuzz but also sustain and compression.
Mids - lets you control the tonal flavor of the Musket from super scooped up to mid-boosted and everything in between. Helps you cut through the mix.
Focus - a pre-fuzz sub-low end control that allows the bayonet to not only produce vintage fuzz but to also get a more modern distortion/fuzz flavor with a sharper note attack and better palm muting capability than any other muff-type circuit.
Fuzz - the amount of fuzz.
Tone - high frequency control
Volume - Controls the overall output volume

This version is assembled and tested by hand in our shop from a pedalpcb bayonet fuzz board.


  • True bypass
  • 9v adapter power only (not included)
  • Controls for Pre-Gain, Mids, Focus, Fuzz, Tone and Volume.
We warranty our pedals for 5 years.

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