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Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer Barebones Kit

Flight of Harmony

Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer Barebones Kit


The Plague Bearer Barebones Pack (PBBP) is a low-cost alternative to the standalone or a module. The PBBP contains just enough components to provide full functionality, no extras or "frills". The PBBP can be customized, however, with different knob colors, extra jacks, different format jacks, or even with the pots supplied loose and headers attached to the PCB instead. The PB boards have been re-designed and improved over the previous versions. These were designed with modular options in mind, and have more flexible connection options. The default board pack uses the standard Blacet 4-pin connector, but the board has mounting holes for the Doepfer A100 10-pin power connector. Actually, it has holes for a 5-pin SIP connector which is one side of the Doepfer connector but the unit draws less than 30mA at peak usage.

With this kit, you can design your own Sound of Shadows Eurorack module or adapt it to other synthesizer interfaces.

  • fully-assembled and tested PB filter board
  • soft-touch knobs with red indicator (other colors available on request)
  • 3.5mm mono phone jacks
  • 2-pin 24ga. 0.100 Amp IDC connectors (for High CV, Low CV, Audio In, Audio Out)
  • 4-pin 24ga. 0.156 Amp IDC power connector

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