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Deviever Aenima Fuzz Pedal

Deviever Aenima Fuzz Pedal


The Aenima is on my board and IS my fuzz pedal. If you set the volume to unity gain (which is a 95 billionth of an inch notched past "OFF") you can eliminate the feedback and use the guitar's volume knob to go from mild mud to deadly fuzz from hell. Turned it up this past weekend through a 100W 1X15 old Fender kxr combo.... whoah... As long as I continued playing, the tone was delicious and aggressive. The second I stopped, I hadda palm mute and cut the volume pot off... the feedback is intense, which is great if you wanna start oscillating a carbon copy, quick flutter a wah, and kick on a small stone while shaking your axe into th speaker... which is eventually what I did.

  • volume knob : lots of gain on tap
  • "Plenty of Gain on tap"
  • control knob : hard left increases treble over tones, middle is more muffled, hard right is a full bodied texture
  • true bypass
  • mxr sized enclosure
  • boutique quality components
  • incredibly low mA draw
  • Silicon transistor based
  • 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
  • 9 volt battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate) 

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