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Devi ever FX Destructo Noctavia Octave Fuzz Pedal

Devi ever FX Destructo Noctavia Octave Fuzz Pedal


Blistering octave fuzz.
Many have stated it changed the way they play guitar, for the better.
"The sound reminds me of the end of hearing" - hatshirt
This pedal is noisy as heck when engaged, if you aren't playing your guitar, so considered yourself warned, and challenged. Are you man enough to take on the Destructo Noctavia?
Works well with bass, guitar, vocals, synths, drums, and anything else you can run through it.

  • volume knob : lots of gain on tap
  • control knob : Changes the Fuzz texture
  • true bypass
  • mxr sized enclosure
  • boutique quality components
  • incredibly low mA draw
  • power is only required for the LED, can work with out a battery or adapter
  • 9 volt, 2.1 mm, negative tip power jack
  • 9 volt battery snap inside (unscrew the back plate)

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