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Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver w/Master Volume

Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver w/Master Volume


Throw away your Tube Screamer. Truck loads of sweet creamy overdrive have arrived. The more you turn it up the better it sounds.

The Interstellar Overdriver is a real overdrive pedal blasting your amp with your sound. The knob works giving a slight boost all the way counterclockwise to a beautiful harmonicly rich overdrive maxed out. It is designed to work the same way as old tube amps - the more you turn it up, the better it sounds. For more control kick back the output volume with the MASTER knob while keeping the sweetness.

The Interstellar Overdriver is quickly becoming a favorite of many professional players since it really brings out the good sound of your amp + guitar and doesn't just completely transparently boost the signal.

  • True Bypass
  • Master Volume
  • Made in NYC USA

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