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Coldcraft Effects CASCADE Dual Overdrive Pedal

Coldcraft Effects

Coldcraft Effects CASCADE Dual Overdrive Pedal


Coldcraft Effects CASCADE Dual Overdrive Pedal

The first thing you will notice about the Coldcraft CASCADE Dual Overdrive pedal is the two Drive knobs. The second thing you will realize is that the CASCADE allows you to combine a warm, thick Class A voiced gain stage with a crisp, articulate Class A/B stage. Not only do you have the best of both worlds, but the CASCADE combines both circuits in series for solid rock tones with complex harmonics.

The CASCADE has a naturally open amp-like tone, due to the critically voiced, passive Tone Cut Control. No nasally mid-humps or scoops here. The Cut control allows you to gently roll off the highs to warm up the sound, or bring them back in for overdriven crunch and bite.

On its own, Drive A provides a warm foundation tone. Drive B brings in the crisp, articulate highs and punchy lows of a great, vintage stack. Blend them together for complex, harmonic crunch and tailor the treble to your rig with the Cut.

Crank the channels together or individually for thick, harmonic laden crunch and stack-like distortion.


  • Drive A
  • Drive B
  • Treble Cut
  • Volume


  • Class A & A/B Drive Circuits
  • Critically Voiced Treble Cut
  • 1M Ohm Input Impedance
  • Low Output Impedence
  • True Bypass
  • 9v DC Operation Only (no battery, adapter sold separately)
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Super Bright Blue LED

Coldcraft Effects CASCADE Dual Overdrive Pedal Video Demo

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