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Chamber Sounds Jupiter 3 Analog Percussion Synthesizer

Chamber Sounds Jupiter 3 Analog Percussion Synthesizer


Grab a mallet and go nuts :: The JUPITER III, my handheld, analogue, percussion synthesizer has finally arrived. It’s light & touch sensitive, handmade and extremely, unique sounding. It’ll get any crazy analogue sounds you could imagine on the fly. The Jupiter III now has a trigger input and touch-sensitivity. You can plug any source into it, even a simple metronome, to control the rhythm or make the unit sustain indefinitely. The volume of the input controls the dynamics of the notes. Also the touch-sensitivity feature lets you to use your fingertips to play sustained notes in addition to Jupiter III’s already super-cool. manual, percussive mode (you can bang on the box). This little guy does it all – it’s handmade, fully analogue and totally unique. Get one of a limited run today before they’re all gone…

  • full analogue circuitry
  • light and touch sensitive
  • trigger input control
  • handmade and built to last
  • signed, dated and numbered

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