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Chamber of Sounds Jupiter III with Clock Bundle

Chamber of Sounds Jupiter III with Clock Bundle


Grab a mallet and go nuts :: The JUPITER III, my handheld, analogue, percussion synthesizer has finally arrived. It’s light & touch sensitive, handmade and extremely, unique sounding. It’ll get any crazy analogue sounds you could imagine on the fly. The Jupiter III now has a trigger input and touch-sensitivity. You can plug any source into it, even a simple metronome, to control the rhythm or make the unit sustain indefinitely. The volume of the input controls the dynamics of the notes. Also the touch-sensitivity feature lets you to use your fingertips to play sustained notes in addition to Jupiter III’s already super-cool. manual, percussive mode (you can bang on the box). This little guy does it all – it’s handmade, fully analogue and totally unique. Get one of a limited run today before they’re all gone…

Get funky with the new Jupiter Time Clock Module :: This little box plugs right into the Jupiter III and sets the timeframe for pure analog madness! The Jupiter III can be played manually by simply tapping the case, but when you plug in the TCM, it open up a whole new world of rhythmic possibilities. The TCM is also in a durable space-grey case and has a nice solid footswitch and oversized knob. Blast off!

  • handheld
  • touch sensitive control
  • optical control
  • fully analog
  • Time Clock Module Bundle

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