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BYOC Triboost Pedal Kit

BYOC Triboost Pedal Kit


The TriBoost is the ultimate boost/preamp for guitar.  
The three most essential circuits in one unit --  A germanuim boost that uses an NOS European made germanium transistor, based on the Dallas Rangemaster treble boost for warm vintage tone that's a little on the dirty side.   A silicon boost based on the Linear Power Boost for a full frequency kick with tight punchy low end.   And a MOSFET based boost for sparkle and chime.   A 3-way rotary switch selects between the circuit modes and the LED status light changes colors from red to blue to green when you switch between the three different modes.    
The Rangemaster is great for adding a little brightness to those old darker sounding British designed amps, but can be too shrill on some of the brighter amps....Not a problem here. There is a toggle switch to change the germanium mode from a treble boost to a full range or mid range boost.  So you can still get that pure vintage "beano" tone, or you can customize it to fit your rig with the flip of a switch.    
While each of the 3 individual boost circuits are based on previous designs, the integration of all three into one small, easy to use unit is an original BYOC design.  And it was designed for easy assembly by even the most inexperienced builders.  So you won't find anything like the Tribooster anywhere else.  All the boost you'll ever need for less than the price of most "single" handmade boost pedals.
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