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BYOC E.S.V Fuzz Germanium PNP Fuzz New ASSEMBLED


BYOC E.S.V Fuzz Germanium PNP Fuzz New ASSEMBLED


Do we really need to describe what the Fuzz Face does or tell you why you want one? Every guitarist, regardless of their playing style or preferred genre, needs one. With carbon comp resistors, those axial leaded Vishay electrolytic caps, and that big flat yellow film cap, the BYOC E.S.V. (Extra Special Vintage) Fuzz has as much vintage mojo as the original, but with the modern conveniences of an LED status light, DC adapter jack, adjustable bias, and true bypass. That's why we call it Extra Special Vintage.
The BYOC E.S.V. Fuzz (Germanium Version) is built with a pair of hand selected NOS AC128 Germanium transistors.

This version is assembled and tested by hand in our shop from a brand new kit.

We are an authorized BYOC Dealer.
  • True bypass
  • Battery power or 9v adapter power, both not included.
  • Controls for Leve and attack.
We warranty pre-builts for 5 years.

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