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Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz V3

Blackout Effectors

Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz V3



The FIX’D FUZZ V3 is the hydra-headed dragon of handmade fuzz boxes/boosts/overdrives. Replete with two polar-opposite fuzz tones, a full-bodied boost through light overdrive and a (wide) tone sculpting stage. It delivers BIG diversity in sound – all in a SMALL footprint package designed specifically for the cramped pedalboard. All 4 stages of the circuit are bypassable via their respective toggles, meaning you can add/remove from the stack as your black heart desires. There are no differences between the Poppy and the Ant graphic versions. Same pedal, same circuit.

  • 4 Stage Fuzz Pedal
  • 100% True Bypass

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