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4ms Pedals Phaser Moire Phaser Pedal

4ms Pedals Phaser Moire Phaser Pedal


Triple LFO Phaseur! Aux LFO "A" adds to the main for dual-phasing effects. Aux LFO "B" modulates the main speed for speed-up-slow-down effects. Waveshaper control gives you square chops or rounded fades. Speed/Depth/Height/Ring/Blend are the same as standard Phaseur Fleur.  True bypass stomp, die-cast aluminum 7"x4" box.

This Phaser Moire does not contain a CV input.

  • Speed: sweep the rate from the rythym of sea shore waves to a swelling throb to a machine gun pulse
  • Depth: amount of phasing from the threshold of consciousness through a rolling phase to a holistic phasing experience
  • Height: "manual" control of center phasing frequency
  • Blend: blend between waivering vibrato to rich chorus-y sounds or anything in-between
  • Ring: regenerative feedback for resonant color variation almost to the point of self-oscillation
  • Three LFOs
  • 100% true bypass
  • Hand wired

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