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BYOC Amp Selector and Stereo FX Router Pedal New ASSEMBLED


BYOC Amp Selector and Stereo FX Router Pedal New ASSEMBLED


The BYOC Amp Selector and Stereo FX Router was designed to allow you to use two amps, in a multitude of ways, both safely and quietly.

Its first function is as a pop-free A/B/Y box so that you can switch between two different amps, or play through two amps at the same time. Its second function is as stereo FX router. Its dual input allows you to send the left and right signals from your stereo FX units to two separate amps, so that you can have a true stereo rig without any ground loop hum and without the risk of electrical shock.

You can also use it to select between two different guitar amp combos.

The BYOC Amp Selector & Stereo FX Router was also designed to take the confusion out of transformer isolated A/B/Y and router boxes. Your amp, your guitar, your cables, and all your effects, all share the same ground. When you add a second amplifier to the mix, the ground of that amp shares ground with all your other gear. Sometimes, especially if you have an older vintage amp with a two prong power cord, one amp will be grounded correctly, and the other amp will be grounded to the "hot" wire of the wall socket. Sometimes this can cause a nasty hum. And if you touch the two grounds at the same time, you'll get shocked. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with your amplifiers or gear. Sometimes you have to play in dive bars with very old and very shoddy wiring. Transformer isolated A/B/Y and router boxes are useful because they allow you to use two amplifiers safely and quietly. But most A/B/Y boxes are very misleading about what they do. Most only have transformer isolation on one of the outputs. Which is perfectly fine. You only need to isolate the ground of one of the amps. But where it gets confusing is, you don't know which of the outputs has the isolated ground. And what's misleading about most other A/B/Y boxes with transformer isolation is that they make you think you still have all the benefits of transformer isolation when you use the "ground lift" switch. They tell you to turn the "ground lift" switch on if you are getting a lot of hum. But what they don't tell you is that when you turn the "ground lift" switch on, you are really connecting the grounds of the two amps you are trying to isolate. This eliminates the entire purpose of having a transformer isolated output and essentially turns your expensive amp selector into nothing more than a pop-free router. The BYOC Amp Selector & Stereo FX Router has output transformers on both the outputs. And it has switches to allow you to turn each of them on and off independent of one another.

As we've already stated, you only need to isolate the ground of one of the amps. And typically, only using one of the transformers provides the least amount of hum. But how do you know which output has the transformer? And how do you know which amp should have the isolated ground? With the BYOC Amp Selector & Stereo FX Router, it's easy to figure out and adapt to any situation, whether it be an unfamiliar club or bar, the studio, or just playing in your bedroom. Unlike many of the passive amp selectors, the BYOC Amp Selector & Stereo FX Router features an active circuit that uses a standard 9vdc adapter, so your signal stays strong and your tone doesn't get dulled.

It has two footswitches: one selects between channel A and channel B; and the other turns both channels on at the same time. It also features the highest quality nylon PC mounted jacks from Neutrik. The nylon jacks prevent the ground of the guitar cables from connecting via the enclosure. It also features the same blue 3PDT mechanical switch that has become the standard in boutique effects. These switches are rugged, easily replaced if you ever need to repair your amp selector, and unlike a lot of other footswitches used in amp selectors, it switches channels when you press on it, not when you release it. This is in addition to the Dual Output Transformers, each with independent ground isolation on/off switches. And it's only half the size of it's closest competitors (and less than half the price).

This version is assembled and tested by hand in our shop from a brand new kit.

We are an authorized BYOC Dealer.
  • Always on, requires power at all times.
  • Buffered circuit ensures no tone loss to amps.
  • 9v boss-style adapter power required, not included
We warranty pre-builts for 5 years.

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