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BYOC 5 Knob Compressor Pedal Kit


BYOC 5 Knob Compressor Pedal Kit


The BYOC 5 knob compressor is essentially a Ross Gray Compressor clone with the added "attack" knob mod, but the BYOC 5 Knob compressor takes the Ross clone to a whole new level.
It has Ratio and Tone knobs as well.  The tone knob is unlike other tone knobs because it takes advantage of a pre-existing high-pass filter in the Ross circuit and makes it variable rather than tacking on a seperate tone stack.  So because it is a part of the circuit that was always there, it allows you to maintain the characteristics that made the circuit a classic, while at the same time allowing you to add some jangle to your tone and better match the pedal to single coils or humbuckers. The Ratio knob gives you parallel compression, allowing you to blend in various amounts of compressed and dry signal from 100% dry to 100% compressed.  
The Ratio control is an original BYOC design that is transistor based rather than the typical IC based blend circuit so that it keeps to the theme and tone of the original circuit.  It is completely transparent and does not "correct" the signal phase which is important for maintaining the sound of the original and keeping it from becoming too sterile.  
We've also bent the circuit so that it can accept the BA6110 chip which was designed specifically to replace the traditional CA3080 chip.  
The BA6110 is now obsolete too, but it was claimed to be more sensitive and have less distortion than the CA3080.  This means longer sustain, more squish, and more transparent tone.
We are a BYOC Effects Authorized Dealer!

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