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4ms Pedals Atoner Octave Fuzz Pedal

4ms Pedals Atoner Octave Fuzz Pedal



Crackle-fizz, harmonizer/fuzz, envelope-triggered and LFO swept. Controls for Position, LFO Speed, LFO Depth, Envelope Depth, Attack, Tone, Squelch, Volume, Clean Blend. True Bypass with LED and flashing LFO LED. 9V Powerjack. 7"x4" die-cast aluminum box.

sing be sung the delter pitchnasty, automatchy harmonee, chordal fizznoise, clikee tittotter, tone jumperwhiteness and alernative sonics

with guitarr or audiosonics creating devise

the devic produces tones and collections of such sometime mimicking the input and differ in timbrepitchs

atoner shifts the input pitch down octaves and fifths at jumppoints

jumppoints are controlled by an lfo, and envelope follower, a height knob
from clicks to sheerfizzis'ess's

Atoner controls:

    * Position: controls jumppoint manually
    * LFO Speed: rate of change of LFO, which shifts jumppoint rhythmically
    * LFO Depth: amount of LFO modulation (from zero to full)
    * Envelope attack: follows attack/decay of input signal to shift jumppoints
    * Envelope depth: amount of envelope shift
    * Squelch: silence when you stop playing
    * Tone: treble to bass
    * Blend: blend between clean (input signal) and atoner
    * Input volume: sensitivity
    * Output volume: output level

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