Geargas Effect Pedals and Custom BYOC Pedal Builds
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Take Flight Goose Fuzz is in the house

Take Flight Pedals Goose Fuzz Pedal Checkout the video: Take Flight Pedals Goose Fuzz Pedal

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Snazzy FX Are Coming

We have our first batch of Snazzy FX devices coming this week! I am very excited! I'm always on the lookout for new styles of effects that allow guitarists and musicians to create new rhythmic soundscapes and that allow them to sculpt their sound in new and creative ways. Well, when I saw Snazzy FX, I knew they would be groundbreaking. The three devices on their way are: Snazzy FX Mini Ark It has the capability to take your guitar input, track it precisely, add an octave of your choice below or above, an interval of your choosing above (or...

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Jupiter III + Time Clock is on its way here

 We will have the Jupiter III + Time Clock Combos in this week. Here is a demo of them together.

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Synthmonger Effects On Their Way, Pulsemonger Coming!

Our first Pulsemonger MK1 is on its way! We are now a dealer for Synthmonger! Check out this video of a guitar through it! My friend Devon is playing an SG that's running through Pulsemonger plugged directly into soundcard

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Latest Chamber of Sounds Jupiter III Video

Here's a montage of a few of the different ways to use the Jupiter III. As always, it is in stock and ready to ship: Jupiter III

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